Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Experiences

I'm thankful for the experiences in my life that have molded me into the person I am today. I've had good experiences, as well as bad ones, and truthfully, I wouldn't change any of them. You have to have the bad experiences to appreciate the good ones. You have to taste the bitter to enjoy the sweet.

I've had experiences in different roles of my life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, student, girlfriend, writer, athlete, pianist, singer.

I've had experiences that have made me laugh, cry, scream, hit, and even almost wet my pants.

I've experienced different countries, different cultures, different foods, different languages, and different ways of thinking.

I've fallen in love, had my heart broken, thought my life was over, and moved on.

I've swam with sharks, hiked mountains, explored caves, ziplined through a jungle, white water rafted, run a race, snowboarded, snowmobiled, ridden horseback, water skied, gone parasailing, and watched the sunrise.

I am living my life. I am enjoying the journey and embracing the experiences along the way.
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What about you? What are some experiences in your life you're thankful for?


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've experienced heaps in your life so far! I'm incredibly dull in comparison, haha.

  2. You're right - we'd be different people without the bad experiences, and certainly not as strong.
    I've lived in several foreign countries and wouldn't pass up those experiences for anything.

  3. Scuba diving, living in NYC, performing in musical theater, learning music composition, being part of a madrigal choir, having kids, buying a house, swimming with sea lions, repelling, becoming an experienced spelunker/high adventure navigator/hiker, dealing with chronic illness, CRUISING, having 7 siblings, working with special needs kids... My goodness, my list never ends. Life is amazing, right?

  4. I've enjoyed the British Isles, the Caribbean, Disney World, piloting small planes, farming, and being with friends, to name a few wonderful experiences, but I'm most grateful for the love of my family.

  5. My husband, my kids, moving a lot, snowshoe running, bridge jumping (so dumb!), going to college without knowing anyone 10 hours away, moving to Iowa 38 weeks pregnant, moving a year later to a different part in Iowa, working at a potato farm, driving across Nebraska, driving to Texas without stopping, blah, blah, blah.=)

  6. Racing Cross Country & Track for a Division I school - 5 hours away from anyone I knew, moving so many times for my husband's company transfers to totally different parts of the country, having my babies, being a hopeless romantic, going to church as a kid to going to church as an adult, working as a professional to being a full-time, SAHM, traveling all over the USA and some other countries, the list goes on - what a great way for us to be reminded of all of our blessings Kristin!

  7. Each experience teaches you something new...helps build your character. It is imp to embrace these experiences - both good and bad! Great post Kristin! Aditi, dropping from A2Z

  8. Barring a few experiences which involved other people having to suffer for no fault of theirs, I'm thankful for all the experiences in my life. In the case of bad experiences, I believe in being thankful for the silver lining instead of focussing on the dark cloud.

  9. It's often hard to think of the "bad experiences" as good ones, but if we've learned something from them, then they've become a part of who we are.

    One of my favorite experiences is traveling to Italy with my husband. We had such a wonderful time - the art, the history, the food, the wine! :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
    Minion, Capt. Alex's Ninja Minion Army
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  10. Awwww what memorable and utterly gorgeous experiences! You sound like you have and continue to live life to the full and then some!! And so you should cos you are utterly fabulous!

    Lovely to meet you and your super super blog - am LOVING the colour!!! Take care and hope you are having fun with your A-Zing!! x

  11. Looking back, we realize how much our experiences have shaped it, but we sure don't see that when we're going through them!


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