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It shouldn't be that hard to sit and write something about myself. And yet, for some reason, it is.

It's strange, really. I'm able to create characters who feel as real as I am, but when it comes to writing something about myself—I freeze. Why is that?

I guess I could tell you that I'm the youngest of five children and was born and raised in a small town in Virginia where everyone knew everyone else. I could tell you that it wasn't until I went out west for college that I realized for the first time in my life that I had an accent. An accent? Me?

I could even tell you how I met my husband in college and we now have five amazing boys. Yep, you read that correctly—five.

But does all that really sum up who I am? Not really, but it gives you an idea of where I came from and how crazy my days are!

But the truth is—I'm a writer. And like most writers, I love to read, and I love to bring worlds to life through my words. Through my stories.

There was a time in my life when my days were spent cleaning up slop off the floor and changing messy diapers, but now, those days are few and far between. There was a time when there was NO time for pleasure reading, and I was lucky if I could manage to scrape in a few measly writing minutes every few months.

But now, things are different. My kids are getting older and I have time to write. Thank goodness, or else my publisher would not be very happy with me!

Some of my other favorite things (other than reading and writing) include: chocolate, music, sunsets, dancing (including Just Dance—anyone want to challenge me?), design, scarves, pillows (that would be the decorative kind, not the kind you sleep on. Yeah, I kind of have an obsession—just ask my husband. Poor man.) I love to laugh and spend time with my family (we like to watch movies together). And if I had to choose between the mountains or the beach, I'd choose the beach every time.

Well, that's me. Thanks for stopping by!

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