Now Available:

CATALYST (The Deception Game, #1): Clean Teen Publishing, November 2016

A "normal" seventeen-year-old girl must figure out how to survive in a futuristic Las Vegas where the wealthy choose genetic matchmaking and modification for their children.

Coming Soon:

FORGOTTEN (The Deception Game, #2): Clean Teen Publishing, May 2017

Seventeen-year-old Sienna is no stranger to heartache and loss. But this time, it's different; someone—or something—has tampered with a loved one's memories, and she's determined to get answers.


THE SUMMER OF US: YA contemporary

This loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast is set in a small town in North Carolina. It has a very troubled boy, some Art Deco love, secrets, a little romance, and an eccentric store owner who only wears pink.

Word count: 78K


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