Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Very Dedicated People

This month I'm participating in the A to Z blogging challenge and posting every day in April (except Sundays) with the corresponding letter of the day. The theme I chose for this year is 26 Days of Gratitude. I'll be posting about people, places, things, and events in my life I'm grateful for. Today is the letter...

I'm thankful for all of you who are still blogging after 22 days of A to Z posts. Kudos to you!!

I'll admit, this week has done me in. This was my kids Spring Break and we went to the beach for a few days. I haven't been able to visit blogs as much as I'd like, and now my posts are catching up to me. If you are still visiting this blog even though I haven't been able to return comments, well, that just shows how awesome you are! Thanks so much!

I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the "very" dedicated blogs I've enjoyed reading over the past couple of weeks during this A to Z challenge. If you haven't visited them before, now is a great time!

Alex Cavanaugh is doing a Retro A to Z Challenge. Even though he needs no hyperlink, you can find him here.

David P. King is highlighting favorite music tracks from movies, television, or video games. You can find him here.

Crystal Collier is doing True Heroes: From A to Z. You can find her and her amazing list of true heroes here.

Stephanie Faris is talking about Indulgences. To find out what some of her indulgences are, click here.

Madeline Mora-Summonte is sharing short stories, all 100 words or less. These stories are AMAZING. She is truly gifted in the ability to evoke such emotion in so few words. You can read her stories here.

S.K. Anthony is having a blast making up her own words she's termed as S.K. -isms. They are fun! So, if you want to laugh, head over to her blog here.

Chrys Frey is talking about all things that pertain to what else...writing! You can read tips, tricks, statistics, and quotes, among other things here.

There are so many more amazing blogs I've enjoyed visiting during this A to Z Challenge, but these are just a few I thought I'd share with you. So, hang in there all you A to Z ers. The sun is about to set on our Challenge, and truthfully, I think I'll miss it...

So, how is your A to Z going? Are you burned out yet? Or are you one of those Very Dedicated People?


  1. These are all terrific bloggers! I'm already following most of them, and of course starting my day with a laugh at S.K.'s site. I'll have to make sure I check out the couple I don't already know about.

    Thanks for the ideas. Promoting others is great! Your "V" is for Very Dedicated People, and mine is for Visiting Other People's Blogs regularly, so we're on the same wavelength.

  2. Oh this is awesome and sweet of you!
    I follow most of these bloggers, but have to check out Chrys, Madeline, and Stephanie. Thank you so much for mentioning me! :D

  3. The A-to-Z-challenge always seems so overwhelming to me, so I'm incredibly impressed by everyone who participates in it! I can't imagine ever posting so much in a single month...

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! :)

    As tired as I am, I'll still be sorry to see this year's amazing A-Z Challenge end.

  5. Thanks for the mention! And thanks to Mark Koopmans for starting the no hyperlink needed thing...

  6. I am so honored to be part of your list and to be among such amazing bloggers.

    Thank you so much! You've made my day! :D

  7. Yay! Thanks for the shout. As always, you're awesome. I even brought some spare cheese today. Have some, eh?

    True Heroes from A to Z

  8. I didn't even try to participate this year. I can barely post once a week. I don't know how you do it.

  9. Thank you SO much for the mention! I feel like a celebrity. I've met so many great people through the challenge--and I just realized many of the people whose blogs you listed are the ones I'm enjoying reading every day, too (along with your great blog!). We're almost to the end...just a few more left!

  10. Awesome blog post! You're doing a great job! Keep it up!

  11. This is my first A to Z, and I'm almost there. I haven't been able to visit as many people as I'd like, but I'm working on it. Thanks for the list of some new blogs to check out!

  12. Yeah, I'm tired. But it's almost over. Just Wednesday I figured out my Z post, so the blogging part is done. Just holding on until the bitter end... Well not so bitter.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  13. Great theme for the challenge. And participating in A to Z is very challenging.


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