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Sneak Peek -- Author Interview with Stephanie Faris

This is my week to host on Unicorn Bell, the writing and critique blog. I am doing author interviews over there, so here is another teaser to get you to stop by UB today. If you've already done so, thank you!!

                     Teaser Interview with Stephanie Faris:

Stephanie Faris knew she wanted to be an author from a very young age. In fact, her mother often told her to stop reading so much and go outside and play with the other kids. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University she somehow found herself working in information technology. But she never stopped writing. When she isn’t crafting fiction, Stephanie is indulging her gadget geek side by writing for online technology sites. She lives in Nashville with her husband.

You can follow Stephanie on her blog HERE, or check out her website HERE.


Can a middle school gossip queen change her ways, or will she lose her BFF for good? Find out in this M!X original novel.
Maddie Evans prides herself on being the gossip queen of Troy Middle School. She is the first person her classmates go to when they need the latest news on the ins-and-outs of TMS—and Maddie never disappoints.

Her best friend since birth, Vi, isn’t crazy about Maddie’s penchant for passing on rumors, but it’s never been an issue in their friendship. Until the day Maddie lets slip who Vi is crushing on—in front of her crush.

Vi is furious, and she confronts Maddie with an ultimatum: no gossip for 30 days, or twelve years of sisterhood goes down the drain. Maddie agrees, but only a week into the challenge, she gets one of the juiciest pieces of gossip EVER—something that could affect the future of the school. Will she be able to keep her mouth shut and tame her ways? Or will she be left standing alone with no one to hear her stories?

Interested in reading the book? You can find it HERE.


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

For me, I think it was a gradual process. I wanted to be a writer from the first time I picked
up a book, but I think I realized, even at a young age, that writing wasn’t something you
did because you wanted to. Like singing or acting or dancing, it was a talent you either
possessed or didn’t.

It was only once I got to college that I began to feel confident about my writing. I wrote
news stories for the campus TV station every day. I didn’t have an English teacher
standing over me, asking me to diagram sentences or avoid split infinitives. There was a
different structure to a news story. That confidence stayed with me as I left college, which
soon led me to the decision to write my first novel.

Have many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I laughed when I read this question. I started writing in the mid­90s and lost count around
book number 20. My favorite book is always the one I’m currently working on, but I still
have a special place in my heart for the book series that landed my agent. It was called
Ghost Patrol and it was about tween ghost hunters. We came close to getting it published
a couple of times, but by the time we’d shopped it around for years, the idea had already
been done to death by other authors.

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life again, which year would you choose and why?

I think I’ll stay in 2014! This is the first year I’ve been able to be a full­time writer, so I’m
doing what I love all day. I can’t think of a year in my life that’s more perfect than this.

To read more of the interview with Stephanie and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win an autographed copy of her book, click HERE. 


  1. Lovely interview - I'm hearing lots about Stephanie at the moment! :D Her book is rocking the blogosphere!

  2. Excellent interview!!! You and Stephanie and both amazing :)

  3. Wow, 20 books! That's incredible! And I would have loved to have read Ghost Patrol. There's nothing better than the mix of ghosties and kids! =)

  4. Fun interview! Stephanie, I agree that 2014 would be great to repeat . . . I might actually get to accomplish my writing goals that way lol

  5. Great interview! It's a shame Stephanie's tween ghost hunters series never got published. It sounds like fun!

  6. I'm no gossip girl, but this was a neat interview:)

  7. I was so excited about the UB interview, I missed this one. Thank you for featuring me here!!!


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