Monday, December 29, 2014

To My Sweet Husband—It's Your Love

My husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary a week ago. I had every good intention of posting something sweet and special, but with Christmas quickly approaching and my in-laws coming into town, those good intentions fell by the wayside. So, this post comes a little late, but still holds lots of meaning. Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubby. There's no one else I'd want to share my life with. 

This song by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is one of my favorites. It was sung at our wedding reception by my amazing brother and a dear friend. (As a total surprise which, of course, produced an influx of tears from me.)

In other news, this is my week to host Unicorn Bell, and I'm doing a special series titled Books and Cookies where I post yummy cookie recipes and book reviews. Today, I'm reviewing Cortney Pearson's debut novel Phobic and posting a recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies. Yum. So good. I made them for the holidays and they turned out dee-lish! 

So, hop on over there and check it out! Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and is looking forward to a new year. I know I am!! 


  1. Very nice! Wishing you all the best in 2015!

  2. Books and cookies. Perhaps that'll become a theme?

  3. Congrats on the 14 yrs and what a beautiful tribute

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Such a wonderful time of year to celebrate. Congratulations! (Just remembered I haven't responded to you about UB. Yikes! I'll get on that.) have an amazing new year!

    1. Thank you! And I completely forgot to email you as well...must the holiday craziness. :)

  5. Congratulations and happy anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    Books and cookies? How can I resist that?

    Happy New Year!!! :)

  7. What a sweet couple! Congrats on 14! Considering this day and age, that's pretty amazing.

  8. aaw happy anniversary, and happy new year!

  9. Books and cookies. YUM. What a sweet tribute to your husband. Happy anniversary!


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