Monday, March 2, 2015

Teaser Interview with Lisa Buie-Collard

It's that time again! It's my week to host Unicorn Bell, and I had the opportunity to interview some amazing authors. Sooo, here's a little sneak peek of my interview with Lisa Buie-Collard. Lisa's novel The Seventh Man released in January, and she was kind enough to answer some of my crazy questions!

Here's your teaser...

What was your inspiration for the story?

First it was my infatuations for the actors Sean Bean and John Hannah. If it ever made it to the big screen, it seemed like a movie they might actually do. Second, I read a story about the amount of CCTV (over 1 million) cameras used in the UK, more than in any other country thanks in part to the IRA. Here is one article similar to what I read:  Third, I love mysteries. I love London. I love York. I wanted to write a mystery tied to those places.

What are some books in your TBR (To Be Read) pile?

Oh boy, sure you want to open that pandora’s box?
I want to read some YA like
Woven, co-authored by David P. King and Michael Jensen
Sudden Secrets and The Great Timelock Disaster by C. Lee McKenzie
The second in the series about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Sci Fi; Dragon of the Stars by Alex J. Cavanaugh
Romances like,
Indiscreet by Mary Balogh
Laughing Hawk by Linda Katmarian
Anything by Kristi Gold

And we haven’t even gotten to the suspense or mysteries, of which there are more than too many.

What makes you unique?

My DNA? Ha ha. Seriously, I think if there is one thing that makes me unique, it might be my take on life and emotions. I’ve been called na├»ve before and probably will be again, but I pay attention to my “emotional” intelligence more, sometimes, than my brain. Besides that? You’d have to ask my husband, my kids and my mom.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Hmmm… “That 70s Girl?” or 80s or 90s? I don’t know. I find it hard to think in terms of my entire life. I think the times we live in do define us to a point. I’ve just finished watching a program done in the UK that started in 1964 and follows 14 seven year-old children right up to present day. It’s called the “Up Series” and I found it fascinating. In the last installment they were 56. The next installment doesn’t come out for another three or four years. I’ll be looking for it.

To read more of my interview with Lisa, please visit Unicorn Bell.

When a young writer is kidnapped by a man who can't be seen, her only hope of escape rests on the one London cop who believes in ghosts.

On a cold, white, before-Christmas day, an assassin completes a job only to be pursued by police. Dodging through crowded city streets, the assassin nabs a young woman for cover.
Celia Wight, a reclusive American writer is shopping between engagements during a book tour. When a knife is pressed against her back, she loses her tenuous grasp on her carefully controlled existence.
Assigned to the homicide case, Detective Alban Thain, of the Metropolitan Police, suspects an assassin he calls the Wraith. The problem is, only Thain believes the assassin exists. Disregarding the consequences, Thain, who is the only one who believes there is a connection between the murder and the kidnapping, will do whatever it takes to exploit the Wraith’s first and only mistake: the kidnapping of an innocent bystander—if she is innocent.

Available now in EBook and TreeBook (soft cover) on

About the Author:
Lisa is a mother, wife, sister, and daughter, has waited tables, been a dental assistant, teacher, journalist, gardener and architectural administrative assistant. She's traveled in Europe, New Zealand, and the US. French and English are her languages of preference, with a little Spanish on the side. She grew up in Florida, lived four years in Georgia before moving to Texas for eighteen years. For the moment, she once again lives in Georgia. She writes full time and has completed six novels.

Review: This gripping story of revenge, passion, and longing is no mere police procedural but an exciting page turner that will have you wondering, to the end, who will outwit whom. Not to be missed! Linda Ellis, The Editing Place

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  1. I'll go check it out at Unicorn Bell. Looks like a great interview!!!

  2. Interesting series! They really planned ahead if they started in 1964.
    I don't think a single title could sum up my life either.
    And thanks for listing my book as one you want to read!

  3. Hi Kristin and Lisa! A lot of the books on her TBR list are on mine too. :)

  4. I would see a film with both those actors-love Sean Bean. So many books to read and hope you get through all of them:)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of cameras. Talk about having the feeling you're being watched. I'm adding The Seventh Man to my TBR list. It sounds like a great read.


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