Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

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On to the Wednesday post!

I know you've heard the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." So true, right?

When my husband and I were dating in college, we were forced to test the waters of the long distance relationship. The semester had just ended and Adam was returning home to Florida to work for the rest of the summer, and I planned to stay in Utah for Spring semester and then return home to Virginia for a few weeks. These were plans we'd made BEFORE we started dating, but once we realized how much we liked each other, the four months we'd be apart loomed in front of us like a giant obstacle course.

We said a tearful good-bye at the airport (well, I'm sure I was the one shedding tears, probably not him). Then it was sayonara 'til I see you again.

We talked on the phone daily, racking up phone bills and sleepless nights. I learned things about him that I probably never would have had we been in the same state. Likewise I was willing to share things about myself that I probably wouldn't have had he been right beside me.

One night I think we talked until the wee hours of the morning, and instead of hanging up, we fell asleep with the phone still cradled to our ear. When I woke, I whispered into the phone, "Are you still there?" And sure enough, he was.

Absence did make the heart grow fonder in our case. Like a crazed schoolgirl, I made a paper chain to count down the days until I would see him again (in my defense, I think it was my roommates idea...) Silly, I know, but totally true.

Amazingly enough, something must have happened during those marathon telephone calls throughout the summer, because two days after we returned to Utah for Fall semester and were finally reunited, Adam proposed as we sat on the side of the mountain watching the sunset.

Since that day, the most time we've spent apart from each other is an agonizing three weeks several years ago when I went to Vegas to visit my sister. We both decided that three weeks is way too long to be apart. Never again.

So what is it about not seeing the person you love that makes the heart grow fonder? Is it the lack of physical contact? The desire to feel the warmth of his hand encircling yours and his protective embrace? I know those were things I missed when we were apart, but it was more than that. When you're away from the person you love because of distance, you remember the good things about them. You memorialize their best attributes and give credence to what makes them special.

And if you truly want to get to know someone, put a little distance between you and you'll be amazed by what you learn.

Does anyone else have a story of absence/distance making the heart grow fonder that you'd like to share? Come on, you know you want to!! :)


  1. This reminds me so much of my husband and I!! Our marathon phone calls were going on when I was 16 and he was 17!!! Haha! - those few hours apart after school were just too long! :-) But then we actually really did have to go through months of separation several times in our dating lives and married lives - they were the hardest, but totally agree that the time apart makes your love grow so much fonder!!

    1. Aww, too sweet! You and your hubby have been together for a long time--I love that!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. I love it! I didn't have to spend a whole summer away from my husband but whenever he leaves I go crazy. I think it's because he's my other half! Life definitely goes tipsy if one of us is gone for too long. My favorite part of your story is when you both fell asleep holding the phone :) The fun thing about my love story is that my husband was my first kiss.

    1. Good thing I didn't read this post BEFORE the Valentine's Day party, then I would have known your lie!!! :) Thanks for sharing!


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