Wednesday, February 26, 2014

With Every Step Leave An Imprint

I have Tasha here today to tell us a little more about Real Imprints (the amazing website I highlighted in Monday's post).

Take it away Tasha!

Every story has a beginning. Mine started 10 years ago in a small Idaho town. I was newly married and going to college. It is here in a “home turned duplex” that I met Lindsey and her husband Aaron. We became fast friends. Our friendship became sweeter as the years ticked on! I came to know that if we were both willing to travel to see each other over great distances, those miles wouldn’t affect our friendship. Never would I have believed that many years later I would be asked to be a part of Real Imprints. (Read Tasha’s story here)

The idea of Real Imprints came through Lindsey. She has always been inspired by the stories of others. Their trials, their triumphs, and their spirit, were motivating for her and she finally decided to put those stories out there for others to see.

She came to me with this great idea and I pretty much jumped right in! We each carry a role that adds to what you see on Real Imprints. It has been amazing to witness the miracles that have brought this website to light, and we continue to witness how it blesses other people’s lives.

Each of us come from different circumstances gleaning from our own personal experiences. These experiences make us who we are and they are important, they are the “Real” part of us. These stories need to be shared…the good and the bad…or life would be pretty plain. We often tend to think that our own lives might not have anything inspiring about them, but our message is to show that that isn’t true. We each are inspiring. Our unique stories shared leave imprints in the hearts of others.

There is a story on our site that I love. It celebrates the life of a band teacher who tragically passed away. The writer was a young high school student that knew her. She has been impacted by this woman’s life and now through her story, can impact others. This lady, although gone, continues to leave an imprint. That in itself is the best celebration of life. (Read that story here)

My new favorite quote I find myself often repeating is “WITH EVERY STEP LEAVE AN IMPRINT.” I am daily affected by the lives of others and it motivates me to be something more. That is the power of this idea. The stories, the books, the videos, the music, the quotes, and the service we share all come from that same source. We all can inspire and be inspired!

                                                                                            --Tasha (Real Imprints)

Thank you Tasha for joining us today! Those of you who want to rush over and check out this Awe-spiring website (there's that word again--I may have started something...) can click on the image below OR click on the story links above.

Also, don't forget to join me Friday for the Inspiring Stories Contest reveal!! You will get all the details here BEFORE it's posted on Unicorn Bell (now don't you feel special!).

Let me know in the comments what YOU think of Real Imprints. Do YOU have an Inspiring Story to share?

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