Friday, February 7, 2014

Unicorn Bell

I recently became a contributor to an awesome blog geared towards helping writers "survive the crucible of fire". I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group of writers and authors.

                                                            Photo courtesy of Unicorn Bell

Unicorn Bell held a special place in my heart even before I became a co-host. It was through UB that I entered my first ever QueryCon (query contest) last fall and received a request from an agent for my full manuscript. Be sure to check out the next QueryCon in the fall. I'm sure we will have several agents/editors you will want to impress with your awesome query!

My first post on UB will be in March and I have been seriously contemplating what I can do to add to what is already being done. We already have many talented authors and writers posting useful information and helping with the writing side of things. If you need a query critiqued, we have a query master who can help you. If you'd like your first page reviewed, we have someone who will provide insight to help make it better. If you have a 1500 word scene you're not sure about, we have a long crit genius. If you love blogfests, author interviews, and guest posts, we have that too!

If you like this kind of stuff or need help hammering out that dreaded query, Unicorn Bell is the place for you!! Seriously, you need to check it out.

No, really, you should check it out....

Are you still here reading this? I meant, GO NOW and check it out!! : )

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