Saturday, February 22, 2014

Don't Miss Out!

Today as I was getting my manuscript ready to send via mail, everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Our printer is broken (strike one), then when I tried to send the document to my husband at work for him to print, the formatting completely changed. What was once 50 pages became 47 pages because I sent a document from a Mac to a non-Mac. (strike two) Then when I tried to download software onto my computer so I could fix the formatting issue, the computer refused to allow it. Something about not enough memory space? Whatever. (strike three)

If this was a baseball game, I'd have been "out" long ago. But as it was, I took a deep breath, left the room and decided that no matter how hard I tried, those fifty pages were NOT being sent to an agent today. Sometimes there are circumstances far beyond our control. It's frustrating, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Enough of my sob story! Now on to some information about upcoming blogfests and contests! Who doesn't love a good blogfest?

March 3rd-5th, author Sheri Larsen is hosting a Gratitude Blogfest. All you have to do is watch the video and share how watching it affected your attitude of gratitude. Tell us how you've changed and what you're grateful for. Feel free to post any of those three days. You can watch the video and sign up HERE. 

 How happy do you feel on a daily basis? How often do you consciously think about it?


Unicorn Bell is hosting an AWESOME contest March 10th-14th. It is the Fountain of Drabble Contest. If you've never done a drabble before (like me), get ready to let your creative juices flow, but not TOO much because you can only use 100 words. Sounds impossible? You can do it! Here are the details:

Write a complete story in 100 words using these words:

fountain of youth

Winner gets to pick between a query critique or first chapter critique!

You can send your drabbles in at any time to with the subject as "Drabble Contest".


As part of Sheri Larsen's Writer's Creed for 2014, I am committing to the following creed and will post once a month.

Here's what Sheri had to say about the Creed:

There are two optional commitments you can make:
  1. Copy the CREED Badge and paste it on your site, encouraging others to join us. I've included a smaller size for your convenience. Or you can copy and paste the larger image and size to you're liking.
  2. Write one post a month somehow related to your journey in following the CREED. Choose a day and time to your liking. Just include the badge in your post, linking back to this post so others can join in. Share your post via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or however!


I'm still trying to create a button for another contest Unicorn Bell will be co-hosting with the website Real Imprints, so more details to come on that. All I'll say right now is be thinking about an inspirational story you'd like to share. We all have them! You might have to pull one from the recesses of your mind, but I know it's there. :)

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