Monday, February 24, 2014

Real Imprints--Real Inspiring

Have you heard of Real Imprints yet? If you haven't, you will after this post. Real Imprints is an AWESOME website designed to inspire and uplift. It has the most AMAZING stories of triumph, failure, love, loss, hope, friendship, and all around goodness.

Tear-jerking and beautifully written, these stories highlight children, cancer survivors, Olympic winners, families, and anyone who has a story to share.

I first heard of Real Imprints through my friend Tasha who is a part of the Real Imprints team. This is what she had to say about her experience as part of this amazing team of visionaries.

"I love being a part of Real Imprints! I am so privileged to read and share the stories of so many courageous and inspiring people. It is through these stories that we share our purpose to uplift and inspire. The world could use a little more HOPE and our website is dedicated to spreading that HOPE into the hearts of many!" 

The creator of Real Imprints had a vision and this is how it started...

"This all started with a simple thought of how amazing the “real” part of people is. Sometimes we feel the need to appear perfect and amazing, but more times than not, the thing that makes people amazing is the journey they’ve been on and what they’ve done along the way. We have all been given a different path and our perspectives often depend on what we’ve experienced. Real Imprints provides the opportunity to share your journey, to bless others with the things you’ve learned, the perspectives you gleaned, and the blessings you’ve received as you’ve trudged along YOUR path. As we share our stories, aspirations, dreams, realities, struggles, and triumphs, we can connect our paths and learn from the “real” amazing parts of us. We can let go of the need to be perfect right now, celebrate our progress, embrace our lives and circumstances, knowing that we each have a purpose and can make a difference. We believe that as we share the “real” parts of our lives, it will inspire and give hope to so many, leaving imprints in lives and hearts."

                                                                                                               --Real Imprints

One of my favorite stories on the website is a video of a dying young father leaving a message of hope for his baby daughter. Check out his story HERE, but CAUTION--you are entering a "Tissues Highly Recommended Zone". Another one of my favorites is a story written by a grieving father who lost his infant son after he was born with Down Syndrome and a hole in his heart. Very touching. You can read his story HERE. 

But the story that hit me the hardest was the story of little Emilie Parker, one of the shooting victims in the Sandy Hook tragedy. Watch the video to see what her mother has learned from this experience.


Now on to a lighter note...I have an exciting week planned!! 

On Wednesday, my friend Tasha will be here to tell us more about how Real Imprints came to be. 

On Friday, be sure to visit and get all the details of an upcoming Inspiring Stories Contest. Unicorn Bell and Real Imprints are teaming up for an Awe-spiring (awesome and inspiring!) contest. 
And there will be PRIZES! Yep, and a chance to have your story featured on Real Imprints. Yippee!! You don't want to miss this!

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